Cool salad of fresh mango, cabbage, carrots and fresh onion.

Accompanied by exotic sauce.


Green salad with chicken, avocado, cherry tomatoes, onions, caramelized bacon and honey mustard sauce.


Warm salad with mixed vegetables and garnished with peanut sauce (slightly spicy).


Green avocado salad, mango slices, smoked salmon and fresh coriander.

Accompanied by lemon sauce.


Slightly spicy salad of cool round lettuce, egg, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and onions, with garnish of crispy won sheets and peanut sauce.


Green salad of round lettuce, arugula, apple, pine nuts, raisins and balsamic sauce.


Cool spicy salad with round lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh onions garnished with wasabi sauce (spicy).


Chicken fillets marinated in tikka spices with round lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chinese cabbage and onion.

Accompanied by yogurt sauce and coriander.


Chicken fillets with red peppers, chinese cabbage, carrots, fresh mint and coriander.

Accompanied by lime juice dressing.


Tender veal fillets, chinese cabbage, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and onions.

Accompanied by exotic sauce and coriander.


Asian salad with caramelized tofu, chinese cabbage, avocado, sweet red pepper and cucumber.

Accompanied by asian dressing and sesame.


Cool salad with marinated rice, chopped shrimp, crab, sweet red peppers, avocado and cucumber.

Garnished with strips of seaweed & wasabi sauce (slightly spicy).


Green salad with crab, mango , cucumber, chinese cabbage, carrot and sesame.

Garnished with mayonnaise sauce.


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